When Cute is Cool

Vespa 1

I can't wipe the smile off my face when I'm riding "Lucy", as my kids call my Vespa.

Every Saturday, my sweetie and I head to Cave Creek Coffee Company (C4) on our bikes for coffee on the porch. C4 is a local gathering spot, and on Saturday mornings, the patrons are mostly Harley riders and other sport bike enthusiasts. The parking lot looks more like a motorcycle dealership and I'm always (smugly) surprised when my little Vespa gets more attention than the tricked out hogs on the lot. Because it's so darn cute!

I've only been a scooter owner for a couple of months. My admiration began with a visit to the Ducati/Vespa dealership with my sweetie. I suppose I can blame him for corrupting me. While he ogled the powerful Italian street bikes, I tried to figure out which Vespa color I liked best. I was leaning red, my favorite color,  until I found one on Craigslist San Diego; a 60th Anniversary Edition made in limited release in Aviator Gray (even the color sounds cool!) More than the color of the bike, I loved the luggage the previous owner had attached to it. A rich saddle brown luggage carrier is attached to the back which perfectly matches the saddle brown real leather seat.

For me, the combination–aviator gray, rich leather seat and adorable luggage–was irresistible. I had to have it. Within a week, I did.

As an owner, I admire how Vespa has stayed true to its original styling; a real example of good design that endures the test of time. To boot, the Vespa is zippy! Top speed on my bike is 65 mph, which may not sound like much to a car driver but on a scooter, that's fast!

After taking the motorcycle course, I'm now street legal. I'd like to drive the bike to work, but my boss and my sweetie object, citing safety concerns. I keep telling them that I justified the purchase in part because of Vespanomics. With gas mileage of 75 miles per gallon, my Vespa could certainly be considered eco-chic, along with cute! The rebel in me may have to emerge... until then, it's C4 on Saturdays.

Vespa 2 

Vespa 3


Candace Silvasy

I am so lemming a vespa, though I'd have to go for one of those bright green or pink ones, your story is inspiring me even more. Spa wishes, Candace

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