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 Woody (1)

Woody had to go on stable rest after an excursion that went awry. Next time, don't leave home without the GPS.

With the Holidays right around the corner, (yikes!) I’m in search for the perfect gift for Brad, my husband. See, this year he acquired a horse, and with it, a heightened sense of adventure. I’ve settled on seeking out some kind of locating device, given his recent lost-in-the-mountains-on-horseback-for-24-hours experience. While we were lucky enough to recover him unscathed (just hungry, tired and sunburned), I have resolved that on his next trail quest must be equipped with a global positioning system of some sort. I don’t ever want to call search and rescue again to find my husband.

So for his next trip off the beaten path, here are a few products I consider suitable for lux outdoor enthusiasts. Like Patagonia products (or Pata-Gucci as I look to call them), the outdoors and luxury are not mutually exclusive.

Linde Werdelin’s Two Timer Watch and Land Instrument. (

A stylish sports watch and land or sea instrument usable either together or independently. The land instrument features as a compass, temperature sensor or heart rate monitor among several other functions that each individual can personalize. Very Agent 007.

Arnold & Son Longitude II Blue Ice. (

The ultimate in lux navigation equipment, this navigator watch displays hour, minute, seconds, longitude, scale, solar compass, second time zone GMT, and equation of time. All of these functions displayed on a stylish blue and white face intended to represent the view of the earth from space.

Magellan Triton 2000 GPS. (

A handheld GPS unit with a large color touch screen. You can use your own SD cards to save sights, sounds, routes and maps. This unit is probably the simplest to use yet it offers advanced functions and is compatible with National Geographic TOPO. This unit allows updates and information to be loaded from your PC and includes a 2-mega pixel camera to save the memories of your adventure.

Rest assured that on Brad’s next adventure, he will be fully equipped with a ruggedly lux positioning instrument!

Do you have a must-have locating device that has made a difference on the trail? Tell us your story.


1) Linde Werdelin’s Land Instrument.  A sophisticated multi-functional device that’s usable as a stand alone unit or attached to one of Linde Werdelin’s watches.

2) Linde Werdelin’s BIFORMETER Watches. Highly functional without compromising style.
3) Arnold & Son Longitude II Blue Ice.  Must be seen to believe.
4) Magellan’s Triton 2000.  Ease of use and multi functionality makes this unit a shoe in for all levels of travelers.

Brad_Woody (2)

As you can see, Woody is back in business; and Brad of course, thinks that together they are unstoppable. More reason to invest in a locating device.



I don't leave home wihtout my GPS. It has become such a fixture in my life that it has even earned a name: Lola.

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