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November 2008

License to Shop


How long would you stand in line for a new jacket? That’s how long some Tokyo fashion diehards stood in line to get their hands on the hottest new collection from H&M by famed designer Rei Kawakubo, maker of the Comme des Garçons label. It was a budget fashionista’s (recessionista's) dream come true. Within minutes, the most sought-after items were gone. In London, the Telegraph reported that the most expensive item, a £199.99 Comme des Garçons coat, sold out within the first twenty minutes.

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Redefining Take Out Packaging

Roka Akor 1

Product knowledge being crucial to packaging, Whitney and I met with chef Bjoern Weissgerber of Scottsdale's ROKA AKOR to research everything on the menu to fully understand the product... of course...

ROKA AKOR's presentation is as much a part of the experience as the food itself. True to tradition, dishes are presented on glazed Japanese stoneware and hand-chiseled crystal clear ice blocks. Décor throughout is minimalist and sleek. The openness of the restaurant layout lends itself to hours of people-watching between courses (which I love). The lighting is amazing by making every dish look as if it's been prepared for a photo shoot.

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Super Lux: City North

City North Pic1

Next week is the grand opening of City North, the monstrous lux experience being built west of our North Scottsdale offices. Just when you thought you were running out of places to eat and shop, here come Ocean Prime, 25 Degrees, Saito's Japanese Steakhouse, not to mention a new Bebe, Haus, and Anne Taylor LOFT. Really, for me it's more about eating and people watching than clothes shopping, and this place is primed for that.

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