Redefining Take Out Packaging

Roka Akor 1

Product knowledge being crucial to packaging, Whitney and I met with chef Bjoern Weissgerber of Scottsdale's ROKA AKOR to research everything on the menu to fully understand the product... of course...

ROKA AKOR's presentation is as much a part of the experience as the food itself. True to tradition, dishes are presented on glazed Japanese stoneware and hand-chiseled crystal clear ice blocks. Décor throughout is minimalist and sleek. The openness of the restaurant layout lends itself to hours of people-watching between courses (which I love). The lighting is amazing by making every dish look as if it's been prepared for a photo shoot.

An off-shoot to London-based ROKA, this Japanese restaurant features signature robatayaki (Japanese-style grilled) dishes, steeped in tradition and authenticity. The focal point of the dining area is the robata, flanked by a bar for diners to witness the intricacies of a Japanese-style kitchen. ROKA AKOR is the only place to my knowledge in Arizona that serves real wasabi root grated table-side.

The Goal:

Redefine luxury take-out packaging.

The Question:

How do you transport a restaurant’s chic experience without compromising the presentation aesthetic of the food?

The Answer:

More dine-in research...

Roka Akor 2

Roka Akor 3



Sounds like quite the undertaking. But if anyone can develop a great solution it's Design Packaging.


Did you ever come up with a solution? This is a very interesting problem to attempt to solve... also very tempting to just keep it in the research stage =) mmm sushi.


Actually, we ARE still in the research phase:) One of the challenges with food packaging is keeping the food fresh tasting, and also not allowing the condensation from the hot foods to affect the product's texture. Design Packaging will definitely post images of the final take out packaging, keep checking back!

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