Super Lux: City North

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Next week is the grand opening of City North, the monstrous lux experience being built west of our North Scottsdale offices. Just when you thought you were running out of places to eat and shop, here come Ocean Prime, 25 Degrees, Saito's Japanese Steakhouse, not to mention a new Bebe, Haus, and Anne Taylor LOFT. Really, for me it's more about eating and people watching than clothes shopping, and this place is primed for that.

It’s refreshing to see a development with character and identity instead of another string of strip malls or cookie cutter neighborhoods.  The entire City North development has been designed with a warm, modern feel using eco-friendly sustainable materials.  Clean lines, smart design, and recycled materials.  Not just lux, but eco-smart.

The vibe of City North is decidedly upscale, though it shouldn’t be a surprise considering the project is being overseen by Thomas J. Klutznick Company- the same folks who masterminded Chicago’s Watertower Plaza, Boston’s Copley Place, and Los Angeles’ Fox Tower.  Scottsdale is in good company.

Our involvement with City North came with designing and producing a smart, reusable travel tote.  The inspiration for the totes came from the super-chic landscaping in City North.  The entire development will be adorned with bougainvillea flowers.  Not to let a good idea fall by the wayside, we chose the bougainvilleas to adorn the City North totes.

The first phase of City North, High Street, will open on November 13th.  There will be a scavenger hunt to get one of our City North bougainvillea inspired eco-chic travel totes.  Collect five stickers from five different stores and you can redeem them at the City North concierge for one of our nifty bags.

Check back soon to see pics of the event, shops, and tote bags.



I'm there! Blocked my calendar for Nov. 13. I'm dying to see the tote--definitely getting one of those eco-chic totes. Thanks for the tip!

Lisa G.

Free tote? I'm there.

Can't wait to see how City North turns out

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