Flipped for my Flip Mino HD


When I picked up my Flip MinoHD, I thought I would have just torn through the packaging to get at it and start shooting, wrong. I did get through the outer double tuck end box pretty quick, pretty standard stuff, all over black, nice 4 color images, silver hotstamp, and a gloss UV. But the secondary packaging... Did stop me.

Simple in construction with great execution, and great materials, this was the wow factor. A rigid hinged box, with an interior cuff that was actually a removable double tuck with diecut and interior platform, and a self covering insert below that. Simple construction, but great execution. The exterior of the box is wrapped in a Touche or Soft Touch black beater dyed sheet, the interior components are made of the same in a heavier stock completing the high end feel of the packaging.

The pocket sized camera shoots great video (get the HD version), couldn't be anymore plug & play with the flip out usb. It comes with built in software for editing which is super easy to use, and upload video to the web. I love this little camera, you can see video shot with the Flip MinoHD in the Buenos Aires post.



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