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Twelve Days is a small family startup in San Francsico, CA, inspired by one of their longstanding Christmas traditions – celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas by giving a small gift on each day. For nearly 30 years, they hung their 12 Days gifts in small boxes on their Christmas tree, with the recipient searching the tree for a box to open each day.

In Fall 2007 they decided to share their way of celebrating the Twelve Days with the world, and began the design process for their gift box sets. After months of researching materials and processes Design Packaging and Twelve Days found the right combination of foil paper and hotstamp treatment to give this product the subtle luxurious feel of an heirloom box.
This luxury gift box set includes 12 unique hanging gift boxes, a matching presentation box, a 40-page booklet on the surprisingly rich folklore & history of the Twelve Days, 12 decorative hangers, pre-cut tissue, and a fold-out gift giver's guide.

Coordinating design elements were used throughout to create a cohesive whole, from the 12 little boxes making up our logo to the distinctive foil-stamp pattern on the sleeves, to the custom warm silver hue on the box wrap. We (Twelve Days & Design Packaging) sweated over every detail, and are very proud of the final product.

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Jonathon Wolfe

Thanks for the post, Evelio. You guys did indeed sweat the details, and the final product came out great. It's really something we can be proud of. From your ideas on creative printing, stamping & laminating techniques to create a beautiful look to the way your production managers were on top of every detail in production, you guys were outstanding.


that's amazing, I wish I had seen it sooner.

Shox NZ

I'm working to operate my very own website yet I believe its as well standard and I would like to concentrate much more on smaller tips. Becoming all items to all most people is not really all that its crumbled as much as be.

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