Juicy Couture Retail Packaging "200 Best"


Lurzer's Archive, the go-to guide for a collection of the world's best in advertising, photography, and illustration, comes out with their latest edition of "200 Best" (a publication printed only once every two years). This year they focused on packaging, making it "200 Best Packaging Design Worldwide" for 2010/2011.

Design Packaging is honored to have one of it's pieces included on the top 200 list: The Juicy Couture Men's Book Box. Some of the notable judges included: Michael Weinzetti, Editor in Chief of Lurzer's Archive; Mitch Nash, founder and owner of cult giftware producer and design company Blue Q, USA; Shingo Miyoshi, president and publisher for Pie Books, Japan; and Dr. Christoph Haberle, dean of studies, Packaging, Design & Marketing at Hochschule der Medien, Germany.

You can find Lurzer's Archive's "200 Best Packaging Design Worldwide" at select book stores or online at Lurzer's Archive.




Why would you submit packaging that is over 3 years old to a magazine for 2010?


I've seen this box and it is a very unique design and worthy of showcasing. Pretty sure that is why it is in the magazine.

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