2011 Fashion Week Invitations

Every year fashion's finest show off the latest trends on illuminated runways, but to get in to their shows, you have to be invited. We thought we'd use Mercedes-Benz fashion week as an excuse to show you some of our favorite picks for 2011 runway shows. Images via Refinery29.

This one isn't from 2011, but still a neat invite as far as packaging design goes. The Air Plant enclosed in the pyramid doesn't need soil since it doesn't grow roots. The runway show took place at the Horticultural Society of New York.

The invitation came with a loose feather inside of a folded invitation by Candela.


Passport style folding invitation by Alice + Olivia.


Cut and sew pouch with pencils and pouch by hex by kuho.


Printed invite inside of a stitched fabric sleeve by Rachel Antonoff.



Assembled invitation in the form of an X, Roman numeral for 10. Style.com celebrates 10 years.


Laser cut pattern invite by doo.Ri.


Sleek black and white invitation from PRADA via BrianBoy


Tanya  Gagnon

What great invitations. Nice to see how fashion houses announce their events! It is so important that the feel is right.

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Wow! fantastic invitation so pretty even cards are so fashionable. Great creativity!

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beautiful design concept....loved it..

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Having been a graphic designer, I can say these are some very well done invites. The beautiful thing about them is that you don't have to be a designer of any sort to appreciate the beauty of them. Thanks for sharing!

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