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July 2011

Squeezable Truffle Packaging

Chocolate Box Render

Hi my name is Evelio and I am a paper folding addict.

Paper folding has always intrigued me so I’m fascinated by new techniques and love testing anything related to folding paper.

It’s obvious from my sketches that, if the concept allows me to organically incorporate folded paper into a concept, I will.  Unfortunately, most of the time those concepts work their way out of the final piece due to pricing constraints or material limitations in the mass production environment.  But, not this time…

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Surf Inspired Gift Card Carrier

Wave Concept 2.55

Now that summer is in full swing, we thought it was the perfect time to share a gift card concept we'd been throwing around the studio for a while. The Wave Gift Card design was developed on a trip back to Laguna Beach in 2010, thinking of how we would be able to simplify gift card packaging with equally simple production methods. This concept lived in a sketchbook for nearly a year, until Industrial Design intern John Turner had the time to take a few sketched concepts and give them life in a 3D environment this summer. 

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