Packaging Pinsperation


Where does packaging inspiration come from?

Simply put, everywhere.

Traveling, a fragrance counter, a child's over-packaged toy, a late night out with friends, news, a memory, and yes maybe even Pinterest.

Last month we saw Finnish packaging designer Nikolo Kerimov's concept for a fragrance primary pack featuring an origami bellows construction displayed on Pinterest. Curious to experience it's functionality we began playing with a few mock-ups, and after 8 attempts we were able to get it to twist & collapse properly. With a functioning prototype our team discussed potential evolutions of the structural design into something new. How do you simplify the design, add an interactive unveiling process, and create a packaging design that would hopefully inspire other packaging designers to push the concept further?

By creating a 2 piece box with lid and base that thread closed we were able to create an interactive pack that makes you a part of the process beyond the typical user/pack interaction. The twisting action delays product exposure creating an anticipatory moment prior to the product's unveiling beyond the standard 2 piece box lift and open process. Material selection and visual design can either elevate the pack to luxury status or create a craft aesthetic, the structure provides the foundation for your visual direction.

Through the development process there were several brands in mind for visuals, but our recent purchases of Jonathan Adler product had him top of mind. The final packaging concept is as bold as their product, and the quirky interactive elements are definitely in tune with the JA brand.

Be playful at work.



Download the dielines here.


Angie Addy

I love package design.. thanks a lot…
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