The Problem with e-Commerce Packaging


E-Commerce packaging from high-end retailers does not live up to the client’s high level of expectation.

When shoppers open the doors to a luxury fashion house, they enter a unique world where the brand experience is best felt through the tangible embrace of a product and the elegance of the interior. Stepping through the online door, shoppers of the digital generation enter a similar world of exclusivity. The final client touch point, product packaging and delivery currently trades this exclusivity for pedestrian presentation.

Luxury retailers are reinventing e-commerce through the unique architecture and design of multimedia platforms. As people spend increasingly more time shopping online, the variety of electronic devices present even greater opportunities for brands to build instant emotional relationships. Curating elegance for the customer, luxury retailers such as Gucci and Oscar de la Renta along with companies like Gilt Groupe, have manipulated media to enhance brand storytelling while creating this stronger personalization.

The iPad provides an interactive platform for luxury retailers to engage their customer with elevated sensory content. Thinking like a publisher, Gucci’s mobile application, Gucci Style, allows customers to rotate accessories through a 360-degree feature, dive into exclusive video content and receive travel suggestions as well as styling tips for vacation appropriate apparel.  Fashion house Oscar de la Renta generates recommendations tailored to the identity of the customer with their True Fit tool that formulates product selections based on the customer’s specific body size and shape. Through digital retail, these luxury brands are transporting the boutique experience directly to the online user.

Presentation of the garment through the screen is one story, but the look and feel of the product as it reaches the customer’s hands is another. E-Commerce packaging, the final step and client touch point in the buying process must live up to the high level of expectation.

Product packaging and delivery is the last area for high-end retailers to convey the brand’s romance. This is communicated when the product looks and feels as if it came directly out of a showroom. Conversely, many retailers deliver products that allude to being packaged in a warehouse where the combined tactile and auditory qualities of inexpensive materials hint to a disjointed vanilla experience.

“Right now the final connection between end-user and brand is one that lacks impact, and leaves you wanting. This is not a full circle brand embrace, but an open ended connection that allows clients to feel under-appreciated,” said Evelio Mattos, creative director for international packaging design corporation, Design Packaging Inc..

Packaging designed with a luxurious unveiling process in the final reveal, will both create a signature moment to the end user and reinforce the personalized elegance of their curated digital experience.

The problem with eCommerce packaging is that it does neither.


Luxury eCommerce packaging unveiling process re-envisioned by Design Packaging Inc, to both convey a brand’s romance to the client, and streamline product fulfillment for a consistent on-brand presentation.



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