How Rest In Pets Offers Dignity

Commemorative set gives your pet a dignified burial.

We've all been there: our small furry member of the family passes away and we're left with more questions than answers. What's the next step? How do we provide a dignified burial?

When Mat Bogust from THINK Packaging approached us looking for a critical eye on the concept, and presentation, we were excited for him and the product. What's been missing is giving pet parents the opportunity to provide their furry family members a dignified burial process, until now.


Mat and his wife Jane the creators of Rest in Pets have provided a solution. They put it this way, "The death of a beloved pet can be hugely painful, and it’s difficult to plan for such a sad event. But think back to your early childhood memories of pets passing away. Goldfish flushed unceremoniously down the toilet. Guinea pigs and bunnies wrapped in old tea towels, and cats squashed into shoeboxes. Surely our furry family members are worth a bit of forethought?"

The result? A complete burial "kit" that can not only be personalized with a loving message, but also biodegrade making it safe for the earth. The Rest in Pets pack includes:


   keepsake photo frame

   temporary grave marker

   secure locking lid

   your choice of casket in small, medium, large

   an urn if you wish to have a cremation.

We at Design Packaging inc. have experienced the loss of beloved pets, so we were both thrilled and deeply moved at his vision. Mat has been a friend of ours, and we're excited to support him. It speaks to the spirit of collaborating to those beyond your office mates, even if it's across the seas. Supporting these types of businesses help bring value to packaging as a whole, and can change the status quo.

We're super excited for our friend Mat Bogust and have confidence that his vision will come to fruition. Currently this project is on kickstarter, and needs your support to cover costs. Click here to help!




As a cardboard engineer, Mat begins with sketches, CAD drawings, and multiple prototypes.



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