iPhone Case Packaging Process

Product Packaging
Continuing to push the bounds of structure and interactive retail packaging, our team constantly finds new inspiration in the creative process of redesigning commodity packaging.

Custom Packaging Design

This multifaceted iPhone case packaging is a departure from the typical folding boxes found lining the aisles of almost every mass market retailer across the U.S. The futuristic interactivity found when the box opens and product is displayed creates an unforgettable user experiences "UX", and a resonating a-ha moment.

As packaging designers, we must evolve past branded protective packaging, and instead create lasting experiences in everything we touch.

The pack's unique silhouette and insert features a single sheet construction, that is opened by unlocking the tabs and opening the hinged base. The product's upright reveal is possible due to the built in sliding platform. The concept's visual design is used to emphasize the angular nature of the packaging, and maintain an approachable playful design.


Custom Packaging Design_1
Initial "napkin sketches"

Product Packaging_1

Sketches based on abstract and irregular geometric shapes and defining how to translate them into folded paper.

Product Packaging_2

The complete mock-up process

Custom Packaging Design_2

How the box opens.

Mock-ups evolve through revisions, failures, and redesigns to create rough concepts that can be refined through competitive product studies. We began asking ourselves questions such as should it lay flat or hang on pegs? Can we make it stand up on its end? is there a way to secure the product without adding a separate insert? These questions guided our development of the concept.

We've linked the structure's dieline here, please click to download, and build your own interactive iPhone case packaging, this concept isn't limited to phone cases as it can be adapted to any sufficiently tall and narrow product, cosmetics or wine packaging perhaps?

Please share your designs, #DPIStructure


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