Grolsch Beer Bottle Repackaged


Inspiration is everywhere, from the edge of the runway to the tip of a Grolsch with friends around a bonfire. Sitting and discussing potential applications of the “lightning closure” flip top contraption that makes Grolsch bottles so recognizable, we began evolving the concept further. Some quick google research yielded that the flip top closure was patented January 1875 to then New Yorker Charles De Quillfeldt, we decided that after 138 years it was time to expand this concept a bit.  The main question that bubbled up drove the concept, “why not replace the canned version with glass and lightning closure for wide mouth pour, and reusability?”

The larger opening, and increased capacity would increase the life of the package and give the branding a longer "shelf life".

Not sure the reality of this beverage packaging concept or the hurdles to market based on weight, and cost, but I’m liking the look of this packaging design.




Ryan Heath

Wow! Looks great! I'd love to get one.


I'm concerned about how can you get the foam with this kind of shape?
I'm not convinced...


se ve espectacular


I want this for making kombucha! need good, air-tight sealing system...but impossible to get the fruit out of swing-tops after they are done.


Sorry, but this is nothing novel.
Just look at Bormioli jars, that have been in use for centuries.

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