CJ Hendry's Fashion and Packaging Illustrations


We love seeing gestural fashion illustrations with beautiful brush strokes and marker flicks. But when we saw a photograph of a crumpled up luxury retail shopping bag, we were surprised to find out it was an illustration by Australian artist CJ Hendry. CJ creates photo-realistic art of fashion and luxury with a layered scribble technique of pen and ink requiring a myriad of photographic references, and 16–hour days.

She selects the image that evokes a sense of simplicity and balance, or that in her words “shows off” the item the best. She then prints a black-and-white image and creates a grid on a large sheet of Arches paper. She spends sometimes more than 200 hours painstakingly creating the final piece using only black UniPin pens.

“The main reason I am so obsessed with expansive white backgrounds and highly detailed objects was through my early years of studying architecture. I was completely obsessed with the large plans with perfect lines, and this is where I was introduced to the black UniPin pens. I was not very good on the computer so I drew all my plans for all the assignments and drew detailed renderings of the buildings. The lecturers were not happy with me because I wasn’t using CAD and said I better learn, so I dropped out.” - CJ Hendry







CJ Hendry is represented by TCH.

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