Hermès Packaging Comes to Life


Luxury brand Hermès makes their iconic packaging come to life in, Hermès Observatory of Orange Boxes. It’s a wonderful example of how packaging can be used to create a brand experience online. The special section on their website consists of six delightful “observations” using stop-motion videos making the boxes come to life with, shall we say, a wild personality. Don’t let the sophisticated packaging fool you, it’s a wild jungle with boxes acting like ferocious crocodiles and silly monkeys.




Of course, fans enjoy creating Hermès experience in their own special way. Check out what others did as a l'hommage aux geeks d'Hermès. 


Hermès Space Invaders.



Twerkin for a Birkin tee on etsy.



Hermès box birthday cake on Crumbs & Doilies.


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