Apple WATCH Packaging Gets Supercharged

Packaging an ecosystem of products begins with the end-user.
When Tim Cook released the Apple WATCH and iPhone 6 yesterday the first thing that came to mind was how often is the watch going to need charging? But that question quickly evolved into how will we charge it among the increasing number of mobile devices that we carry everyday needing a nightly charge? Immediately John and I discussed what that meant for consumers and the ultimate experience for charging these items on your nightstand, the clutter of cables, the ever growing mess of products; iPads, phones, and now watches. Not very minimalist, not very Apple.
The easy solution was to create an Apple power adapter with 2 USBs, 1 for the watch cable and 1 for your iPhone cable; simple enough. But that still did not solve for the poor user interaction, or the mess of products meant to be proudly displayed vs strewn about like children’s toys. As luxury packaging designers, our goal is to create a brand appropriate complete user experience that is seamless from unboxing to utilization. To that end, we approached the concept from a user based perspective, and explored how we would want to display the Apple WATCH as well as marry the two inseparable units once unboxed - Apple WATCH and iPhone 6. Once a viable concept that solved our challenges was completely fleshed out, the next step was how to package the display unit and product in a way that represented the brands continual evolution.
The solution is a luxe retail packaging presentation, that beautifully displays the product on our combination charging dock. Once removed, the combination charging dock is able to simultaneously provide power to both iPhone 6 and Apple WATCH displaying the beauty of the two units within it’s simple footprint. From a usability standpoint, the watch is easily placed over the charger allowing the magnetic contacts to connect with the back of the watch, the iPhone then easily interfaces with the lightning charger and cradle.  We threw in a dual USB port on the power adapter since we’re probably going to need to charge our iPads somewhere near these too.
Charging dock serves as display within the retail packaging design.
Single corded charging dock allows either item to be removed without disturbing the other and reduces cable clutter. 
Apple WATCH Sport and Apple WATCH Edition are easily identified at retail via color coded outer product packaging.


Rob Tinsman

Nice work! And in 2 days?!
For the iPad, you could open the slot on the sides and allow the iPad to dock as well. Would need to make sure the weight for the dock is heavy enough.

I'd buy it.

Evelio Mattos

Thanks Rob,
The focus I think would remain on the iphone. Tethering being required, makes the WATCH and phone a set that needs to live and breathe in close proximity for full benefit. Plus battery life on ipads far exceeds iphones due ipads daily use continually decreasing with the ever increasing screen size of phones.

Technically we knocked this out within an hour of the keynote, just took us a bit to render:) You have to think fast and follow your gut, put your ideas out there and allow them to grow.

Looking forward to seeing what the packaging actually looks like next year.

Thanks for commenting!

Rob Tinsman

Makes sense. Hopefully you get some good work from this. A good example of quick, smart, thoughtful design.

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