Packaging & Dielines: a Free Resource

Design Packaging’s free-to-download e-book, Packaging & Dielines, contains a collection of editable vector packaging dielines that are ready to use, build upon, and share.

As packaging design continues to grow as a discipline and a community, Design Packaging’s ideology of idea-sharing led to creating our first e-book containing some of our more popular structural designs, as well as tried and true standards. For students and professionals alike, the easy-to-use e-book can be imported into Adobe Illustrator to scale, edit, and print.

Each dieline comes with photos, a brief description, and basic design guidelines to illustrate the structure and become a quick reference for packaging designers. 

We appreciate the support of Andrew Gibbs and the community created by his team at TheDieline, to them we extend our thanks. We hope you enjoy this book and are able to share the inspiration you find within it’s pages. 

To Download:

1. Click on Share
2. Click on Download
3. Open PDF in Illustrator to Desired Page




Ramazan Toprak

Thank you very very much. Best regards from austria.



This is an amazing resource to help pull me out of creative blocks for packaging!

One question. As for the display box on page 96, the construction is faulty. Maybe my folds are incorrect, but the top of the box cannot fold back unless the inserted tray slides down. Is this correct as far as how it is meant to work? In order for the tray to be secured to the sleeve and have the top bend backwards, I have to cut down the tray height and cut it on an angle.

Any input would be amazingly helpful!

Thanks again!

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