Meet The Dieline’s Newest Editor


We’re thrilled to announce Evelio Mattos, Creative Director for Design Packaging, is now also an Editor for He will continue to support the global creative community through packaging design and education. Our recently released free e-book, Packaging & Dielines a Free Resource for Packaging Designers, in partnership with TheDieline has racked up over 130k impressions and is currently being implemented in university classrooms. We can’t say how proud and excited we are to be releasing the second e-book in the Packaging & Dielines installment.

Evelio has represented Design Packaging at the Future of Packaging conference in Paris as a guest of the team, has written on the subject, and will continue to study the game-changing opportunities brought forth by the ever-changing retail industry. Evelio oversees the creative team at Design Packaging, working collaboratively to establish laser-focused direction inspiring global brands.

In addition to helping produce award-winning packaging for clients, we believe in giving back to the design community through education and inspiration. Our current Packaging 101 series helps break down the design process into three parts, providing a primer for dialogue and creating a resource for young as well as established designers.

“Break the Structural Mold” with Evelio at HOW Design Live in Chicago, May 7th, 2015

Evelio has spoken at HOW Design Live, PackPrint Summit, Phoenix Design Week, and continues to work with design programs at Arizona Statue University, Art Center, The Art Institutes, and Aalto University in Finland.


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