Apple WATCH Packaging Gets Supercharged

Packaging an ecosystem of products begins with the end-user.
When Tim Cook released the Apple WATCH and iPhone 6 yesterday the first thing that came to mind was how often is the watch going to need charging? But that question quickly evolved into how will we charge it among the increasing number of mobile devices that we carry everyday needing a nightly charge? Immediately John and I discussed what that meant for consumers and the ultimate experience for charging these items on your nightstand, the clutter of cables, the ever growing mess of products; iPads, phones, and now watches. Not very minimalist, not very Apple.

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The Pleasure of Giving

Design Packaging asks the question, how do you define luxury? There are many facets to luxury and we believe giving, and paying it forward is one of them.

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Hermès Packaging Comes to Life


Luxury brand Hermès makes their iconic packaging come to life in, Hermès Observatory of Orange Boxes. It’s a wonderful example of how packaging can be used to create a brand experience online. The special section on their website consists of six delightful “observations” using stop-motion videos making the boxes come to life with, shall we say, a wild personality. Don’t let the sophisticated packaging fool you, it’s a wild jungle with boxes acting like ferocious crocodiles and silly monkeys.

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DKNY MYNY Launches at Madison Square Park


DKNY launched their latest fragrance, MYNY today at Madison Square Park. British pop sensation Rita Ora, the face of MYNY, made an appearance at the event as did Sports Illustrated Model Chrissy Teigan. The sun was out, and the energy electrifying as everybody was crowding to get a shot of the celebrities, and snack at the MYNY DKNY street cart serving raspberry and pink sea salt pretzels by Chef Dominque Ansel.


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eCommerce Packaging in Social Media – 4 Tips to Creating Share-Worthy Experiences


If you think your friend’s post of online purchases are just another shallow way to show off, think again. The perfectly styled image touting designer products complete with branded eCommerce packaging, creates free marketing for luxury brands like Barney’s and Mr. Porter. By creating a positive eCommerce packaging experience, the likelihood for that brand to be shared by consumers greatly increases. eCommerce is expected to outpace brick-and-mortar sales just in the next few years, reaching $370 billion by 2017.[1]  Web-enabled devices allow consumers instant access to social media platforms to share their delightful, or tragic unboxing experiences. Whatever the experience may be, it will directly affect the brand.



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CJ Hendry's Fashion and Packaging Illustrations


We love seeing gestural fashion illustrations with beautiful brush strokes and marker flicks. But when we saw a photograph of a crumpled up luxury retail shopping bag, we were surprised to find out it was an illustration by Australian artist CJ Hendry. CJ creates photo-realistic art of fashion and luxury with a layered scribble technique of pen and ink requiring a myriad of photographic references, and 16–hour days.

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Anya Hindmarch’s The Imperial Family


English fashion designer Anya Hindmarch’s Imperial Family is bringing luxury to the not-so-luxurious world of mini-mart products. She’s created a packaging design inspired clutch collection in the form of python skins digitally printed with cereal and match box art, accented with suede lining, and gold hardware closures. Even though her online mart is open 24/7, you better act fast if you want to add the Imperial Family to your closet.

Sound Creativity

Here’s an eclectic mixtape of office faves currently flowing through headphones around Design Packaging, keeping the blood flowing and minds focused. Pop in your headphones (or crank up the volume) let the music flow, and enjoy the sounds of Summer.

The Future of Intelligent Retail


Last year’s Dieline hosted Webinar “Creating Experiences through Interactive Packaging” featured Andrew Gibbs of The Dieline, Gerardo Herrera Director of Packaging Art Center (catch him at theDieline Conference 2014), and Jay Goulliard of Avery Dennison. The discussion focused on NFC and it’s application within supply chain and potential consumer retail interaction. The benefits within the supply chain are clearly visible: the cost savings, and process streamlining through automated inventory management is a clear winner. If you are not aware of NFC, it is an application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that can be embedded into inventory and at close range can be read with an NFC–enabled device. For example, NFC–enabled products can be scanned as it is loaded onto delivery vehicles, storage, or retail shelves to manage inventory quickly from a handheld device. In sharp contrast NFC’s use within the consumer retail experience, in my opinion, requires too much time and effort on the part of the consumer by interrupting the shopping process from being truly effective.

Interactive packaging benefits won’t be felt at retail until many of these packaging technologies are implemented together as one complete system.


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FAKE ME: Counterfeit Packaging & Consumers


Most of us know at least one person toting a faux handbag, or purchasing knock-off cosmetics and skincare products; it’s an epidemic. Street vendors that once sold counterfeit goods in public arenas turned to shadowy figures in dark alleys and secret rooms which weren’t exactly safe. Now with the rising e-commerce market, those same figures have morphed into URL’s, where anybody from the comfort and safety of their home can purchase counterfeit goods. Of course this is nothing new, counterfeiters have existed from the beginning of time. What has risen however is the greater use of fraudulent packaging. The same way hidden boutiques and legitimate–looking sites draw the veils of deceit, counterfeit packaging falsely authenticates counterfeit products.

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Contributors to


Our team is happy to announce that we are now official luxury packaging contributors to the well-respected packaging design blog, TheDieline! Evelio Mattos, Creative Director at Design Packaging along with packaging designer, Rob Repta will be writing articles pertaining to packaging in the luxury retail market. We’re excited to continue collaborating with the extremely talented team at TheDieline.

You can catch Evelio's article Opinion Series: Top 10 Luxury Packaging Cues, breaking down the anatomy of luxury packaging from it's aesthetics and haptic experience, to audible qualities, and olfactory branding. You can also follow up with Rob's article, A Historical Glimpse Behind Luxury Branding & Packaging, revealing a little history behind some of fashion and beauty's iconic brand packaging.

What are you dying to know, or would like for us to cover? Leave suggestions below!

GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards


We are very proud to announce that Design Packaging has won two Graphic Design USA Packaging Awards; retail packaging design and manufacturing of Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa in Union Square New York, and the retail spa packaging for Solage Calistoga

Top 10 Cues to Luxury Packaging

Declutter visual noise and create long lasting impression through sensory primers.

It’s easy to know luxury or prestige retail packaging when you see it, but what exactly are you looking at? What sensory cues are being activated that trigger a luxe response in the mind of the consumer? As the leading firm in luxury packaging we asked ourselves to list the design and sensory cues we most often utilize. Here are the top 10 in no particular order:

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The annual Design Packaging soirée took place last weekend, and we had the opportunity to honor three of our employees for being part of the Design packaging Inc. family for 10 years. Diana Mankowski our Director of Custom Product, Alison Anderson our Senior Sales Executive, and Kathy Beem our Managing Director have been part of the company's exponential grown in the course of the past 10 years, and we feel very lucky to have them part of DPI. 

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Grolsch Beer Bottle Repackaged


Inspiration is everywhere, from the edge of the runway to the tip of a Grolsch with friends around a bonfire. Sitting and discussing potential applications of the “lightning closure” flip top contraption that makes Grolsch bottles so recognizable, we began evolving the concept further. Some quick google research yielded that the flip top closure was patented January 1875 to then New Yorker Charles De Quillfeldt, we decided that after 138 years it was time to expand this concept a bit.  The main question that bubbled up drove the concept, “why not replace the canned version with glass and lightning closure for wide mouth pour, and reusability?”

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A Look At Some of Fashion's Iconic Packaging

Design Packaging's look at four designs from established luxury brands to find the story behind them.



One of the most recognizable packaging designs is the small robin's-egg blue Tiffany box with white satin ribbon.  But where did that iconic Tiffany blue come from? The blue color was first introduced in 1845 by Charles Lewis Tiffany for the cover of his Blue Book, a collection of fine handcrafted jewelry.[1] Referred to as robin’s-egg blue or forget-me-not blue, "this distinctive color may have been chosen because of the popularity of the turquoise gemstone in 19th-century jewelry. Turquoise was also a favorite of Victorian brides who gave their attendants a dove-shaped brooch of turquoise as a wedding day memento."[2]

Did you know:

The custom Pantone color for Tiffany blue is PMS 1837, the same year of tiffany's foundation. [3]

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iPhone Case Packaging Process

Product Packaging
Continuing to push the bounds of structure and interactive retail packaging, our team constantly finds new inspiration in the creative process of redesigning commodity packaging.

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That's Pretty Pinteresting


This is why we love Pinterest: the fact that we can bookmark things that inspire us anywhere from packaging design, to trends and fashion, to visual inspiration. See an innovative packaging design with a cool closure? Pin it. Paper cotoure gowns? Pin it. Hot bags? Pin it. Trends in color, fabric, and patterns? No problem, pin it. It's a place where we can show you what piques our interest. What pinterests you?

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Fall Breaks from Trend Victimhood

Both a staple and statement, fall furs go playful in brilliant hues. Colors clash to perfection on fur coats at the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2013 Womenswear runway.

For decades women have adopted trend identities in adapting their look to disposable styles. Consequently, these women have become trend victims. This year’s fall fashion cycle has however taken a turn. Color, shape and fabric are redefining women and men’s wardrobes in ways that don’t entirely alter one’s personal style, but rather build upon it. As textile innovation dives fashion forward, the industry’s ongoing momentum has boosted with the bond of incongruent materials.

Oversized coats: Labels like Céline have hinted to the style in collections passé, but the silhouettes of the season are somehow a bit softer and the fabrics that bear a bit more of a gleam. It is drastically oversized coats bearing dropped shoulders, large lapels and extra-long cuffs that shape up Autumn/Winter 2013 runways. Stella McCartney and Lanvin take a menswear approach with oversized grey coats bearing a masculine flare with eminent turtlenecks. Ralph Lauren goes arsenal adding a militant twist to the shape. Christopher Kane keeps to navy, fall’s new black, while Peter Pilotto spices up the look with prints and colors that so purposely clash. Ralph Rucci, Kenneth Cole, Marni and Carven also keep with the cool oversized coat look.

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Millions of people comprise the daily hustle and bustle at shopping malls and fashion meccas around the world where retail shopping bags often blend together, forming an entwined sea of color. Behind the bag, retail packaging design is something that requires thought, foundation and emotion. These fundamentals are what drive the tone of voice a brand projects, and provide a vehicle for self expression to the end user.

Luxury retail packaging design plays a lead role in establishing a brand’s identity in this traffic. Based out of Scottsdale, Ariz., with offices in New York, Houston, Dallas and Hong Kong, international packaging design corporation, Design Packaging Inc., tailors all stages of custom retail packaging from concept development to delivery. Design Packaging assists a range of clients from Alexis Bittar to Z Gallerie, developing innovative and enduring packaging concepts that reflect each brand’s unique DNA. 

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Lead image

We were thinking, what would be an awesome Father's Day gift? Ties? Sweaters? Cologne? Poppycock! It's all about bow ties for the gentry gent in the family. Only instead of buying them from the local retailer, we decided to upcycle some retail shopping bags around the office. We experimented with different shapes, folds and various origami constructions until we achieved just the right look.

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How Rest In Pets Offers Dignity

Commemorative set gives your pet a dignified burial.

We've all been there: our small furry member of the family passes away and we're left with more questions than answers. What's the next step? How do we provide a dignified burial?

When Mat Bogust from THINK Packaging approached us looking for a critical eye on the concept, and presentation, we were excited for him and the product. What's been missing is giving pet parents the opportunity to provide their furry family members a dignified burial process, until now.

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Fashion that Filters the Air We Breathe


High fashion meets Sustainability with a dress from Catalytic Clothing that improves air quality by breaking down airborne pollutants coming in close proximity to the surface of the fabric.  Erin O'Connor as HERSELF, still from Catalytic Clothing Film courtesy of Adam Mufti

The term “sustainable luxury” appears to be an oxymoron. However, the coexistence of fashion and sustainability has become a haute topic of discussion lately. In the world of fast fashion, trends change more than ever and eventually textiles flood the earth’s landfills.

Companies like H&M and Puma have taken a position on the matter.  Puma’s “Bring Me Back” program encourages customers to return footwear, apparel and accessories to be repurposed and recycled at I-Collect. Last month, H&M held a discussion at Vogue Headquarters to discuss the future of sustainable fashion with a “Conscious Talk.” The Swedish retailer also created a new ‘Conscious Exclusive’ collection featuring Hollywood-inspired dresses made with sustainable material. The area of luxury fashion however, falls behind as most high-end retailers continue to push desirable yet un-sustainable textiles.

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The Problem with e-Commerce Packaging


E-Commerce packaging from high-end retailers does not live up to the client’s high level of expectation.

When shoppers open the doors to a luxury fashion house, they enter a unique world where the brand experience is best felt through the tangible embrace of a product and the elegance of the interior. Stepping through the online door, shoppers of the digital generation enter a similar world of exclusivity. The final client touch point, product packaging and delivery currently trades this exclusivity for pedestrian presentation.

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A Modern Renaissance of Style

J Mendel

Laser-cut at J. Mendel captured right on the runway. Photo courtesy of Bryanboy (Taken with Instagram)

The rebirth of extravagant textures and intricate layers are breathing new light to the fashion industry. A Modern Renaissance, mainstream couture is experiencing a life of color in opulent textiles. The forward-thinking atmosphere of the early Renaissance revolutionized fashion while setting the caliber for the years to come. With a strong attention to detail, new technologies continue to break the boundaries of fashion today.

Progress in science and mathematics prompted trends of the 15th century. Around this period of enlightenment, the province of fashion evolved with the inception of lace. Replacing embroidery, lace transformed dresses, evoking a plethora of different styles. Laser cut, a modern cross between cutwork lace and a screen-printing aesthetic delivers highly intricate patterns with incredible levels of precision.

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